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    Welcome to oodl. The ultimate image recognition browser app. Delivering informative and relatable content embedded in your every day surroundings.



Explore the first ever edition of the oodl publication below. This edition was first launched in September 2017 to the residents of Adelaide, SA. Check it out. Download a copy here!

You can oodl every page of the publication or click on each thumbnail on the website to reveal the advert! Remember to keep oodling regularly to see what new offers and deals are coming. Happy oodling!

what is oodl ?

Imagine a world where information is at your fingertips.
Imagine a world where you can view more.
Bring your surroundings to life with a virtual entertaining and informative experience like no other, wherever you see the oodl icon displayed.

oodl - view more.

oodl is the ultimate image recognition browser tool, delivering informative and relatable content embedded in your every day surroundings.

The oodl app cloud technology allows you to visualise digital information in a completely new way, taking you from a one-dimensional experience into a whole new world of exciting discoveries.

Bring print media and digital images to life with informative and entertaining content through video, animation, music, promotions and competitions. Simply oodl the image whenever you see the distinctive oodl icon to reveal extra content.

oodl it

Whenever the oodl icon is displayed, it means you can view more.
oodl the whole image or object, hold steady, through your camera viewfinder. Wait to load the extra content to view more.

Step 1.

Download the app & launch
Download the latest version from the app store or google play and open.

Step 2.

Focus the oodl eye
Hold steady and focus the oodl eye over the target image.

Step 3.

Wait to reveal more
In a few moments exciting content will begin to appear.

Step 4.

Tap the button
Further explore to view more offers, deals and competitions simply hit the button.

When you are ready for your next experience simply tap the 'X' in the top right hand corner and then tap the 'focus again' button.

Want to be part of the next oodl publication?

Start building new and exciting experiences!

download now!

oodl brings you a whole new world of exciting discoveries. Download from these stores now!

contact oodl


oodl Adelaide

1/118-130 Halifax St,
Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

oodl USA

312 NW 10th Ave
Portland, OR 97209, USA

oodl Melbourne

Level 2, 104 Queen St
Melbourne VIC, Australia

oodl India

2C, Sai Kiran, Door No 4, Kasturba Nagar,
Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600020, India

oodl App Terms & Conditions

For full terms & conditions please click here.